Find out what we can do for you. Professional Oracle Migration Services to get things moving and Managed Applications to keep them going like clckwrk.

Professional E-Business Suite Services

Our consultants will make sure that moving your systems to the Cloud is as smooth and simple as possible.

  • Database Refactoring Solution

    Database Refactoring Solution

    IT teams in companies around the world are looking at the simplicity, cost-effectiveness and openness of Aurora from Amazon Web Services (AWS) as an alternative to their legacy Oracle deployments. The benefits are undeniable, but the journey to get there requires a significant amount of time, expertise and resources, which most teams don’t have on staff. clckwrk is here to help.

  • Assurance


    If you’re planning a move to the Cloud, you need to know that you’re compliant. Both once you arrive, and while you’re moving your data on the way there. Our specialist Assurance team have a huge amount of experience, and they’re familiar with legislation across industries. In fact, we’ll help you map out how the Cloud technologies you use meet your compliance requirements. Our compliance framework makes it simple to see how your solution matches your needs. Plus, we’ll give you the tools and guidance on operational processes to make sure that you stay compliant after go-live.

  • Upgrades


    If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s this: your Oracle database will need to be upgraded. We’re on hand to help, and we’ll make things as easy as possible for you. From single systems to an entire estate of databases, our DBA team have the skills and product knowledge to keep things simple and stress-free.

  • Enterprise Architecture

    Enterprise Architecture

    Your main priority is what a move to the Cloud could do for your company. Our Enterprise Architecture team have a huge range of sector-spanning expertise in taking a business to the next level. They can talk to you about the benefits of Cloud over on-premise, they can give you guidance about how the move could support you as you move into a new market or geography. They have hands on experience when it comes to making a business case for change and scoping that the project that can deliver it.

  • Migrations


    We want to make your move into the Cloud as smooth as possible. We know that your business doesn’t stop while you’re migrating your systems. So, we’ll help you to make sure that your data arrives at its new destination safely and without slowing everyone down. Our expert team of consultants have a broad range of experience in moving data. They can give you guidance on synchronous network transfers, data change capture or moving data via an AWS Snowball. They’ll look at the amount of data you have, the available transfer mechanisms and the time that you’re working with. We find the best way to get your business data into the Cloud.

  • Performance


    It goes without saying that performance is key to the smooth running of your business. Whether you’re doing some fine tuning or gearing up to the Load Test, our team can provide you with targeted help for any of your performance related problems. If you’re looking ahead to a spike in user activity, they can check that your systems are up to the task. We’ll simulate load and run checks. We can even replicate your whole technology stack in the Cloud to give you a chance to try out different technologies before going ahead with a change in architecture.

  • DBA


    We know Oracle. We’ve been working with Oracle products since version 7 and we’re familiar right up to the very latest technology and business applications. Whether you’re migrating, upgrading or tuning your Oracle systems, our DBA team are on hand to provide the practical support you need to keep things running smoothly.

Managed Applications in the Cloud

Our team will support you to keep your systems running smoothly.

  • Security


    On-premise or in the Cloud, the security of your systems is important. Our Cloud environments start with security – it’s build in from the outset. All of your data is encrypted and protected both while it’s resting and while it’s in use.

  • Backup


    We know that peace of mind is an essential part of a stress-free move into the Cloud. Our backup solutions mean stability and security for your company. We use industry best practice and in-house developed solutions to protect you against disasters, and we test them rigorously. You’ll be able to restore your data back to a defined point in time and you’ll be able to rest assured that your business is safe.

  • Greenfield Implementations

    Greenfield Implementations

    We start where you are. We can help you out from the very beginning of your journey, from inception all the way through to deploying your environments. Our expert team of architects are hugely skilled in designing resilient, secure, scalable environments.

  • Assurance


    From design through to implementation, we’ve got you covered. We’ll follow best practice throughout your project to make sure your systems are compliant when it comes to international standards and territorial laws.

  • 24/7 Helpdesk

    24/7 Helpdesk

    A helpdesk that can give you the kind of support you need is an important part of your project and our team are some of the best in the industry. They’re on hand to help with expert technical knowledge and we can even offer an out of hours incident management service.

  • Availability and Capacity Management

    Availability and Capacity Management

    The clckwrk consultancy team specialise in Oracle technology, by specialising we are able to keep a tight focus on skills and maintain a high standard.
    clckwrk is interested in company goals, we work hard to gain an understanding of your business or your customers’ business and use this insight to make the best approach to projects.
    We believe that IT is a balancing act, of money against capability, of speed against quality, of delivery against scope.



  • customer-logo

    “We have the expertise and professionalism of the clckwrk team to support us when we need them most. They have the unique combination of deep Oracle experience and modern cloud thinking. Our business depends on technology and we need to know we have the right team in place to provide that support. clckwrk are a key part of that team.”

    Al Hepworth, IMD Optimad CTO
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    “clckwrk are an expert team of professionals who align perfectly with Comstar’s own high standards. Clckwrk can always be counted on to deliver exceptional work, on schedule, to the client’s complete satisfaction.”

    Chris Seed, Comstar CEO
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    “clckwrk understood my strategic vision and brought it to reality. They architected and built a UPK platform for TIA to showcase our new Learning as a Service offering to our Oracle clients. We’ve been able to build a new line of business and we’re counting on clckwrk as our technology partner.”

    Daya Haines Haddock, TIA CEO
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    “Always good to work with like-minded people, clckwrk are a great team of technical experts, that share the same ethos.”

    Steve Bennett, Daemon Co-Founder

We can help you take your business to the next level. Contact us to start your journey into the Cloud.

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